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Candice Johnson

Candice Johnson

Candice Johnson, PhD

Senior Research Scientist


Candice Johnson, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Scientist at Instem. Dr. Johnson has co-authored several peer-reviewed publications describing the implementation of in silico approaches and methodologies for gaining confidence in in silico predictions. Her work expands into novel application of in silico approaches and supports the advancement of alternative methods. She is particularly interested in the application of computational tools to support toxicological evaluations; for example, in the assessment of extractables and leachables.

4th Annual Extractables & Leachables
March 7, 2024
What is next in testing and analyzing for extractables and leachables in biopharmaceutical development and release? Recording of 2 days event sessions [18 video sessions].

DAY 1: MARCH 7th, 2024

SESSION: Approaches to the use of in silico methods in the toxicological assessment of extractables and leachables

◆  Discusses various contexts in which in silico methods are applied in E&L assessments.

◆  Defines the fitness-for-purpose of in silico models in these contexts.

◆  Demonstrates how in silico profiling could be used to support read-across assessments.

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Speaker Details