Dr. Sven Schimpf

Dr. Sven Schimpf

Managing Director

Fraunhofer IR

Professor for Innovation and Interdisziplinarity Research




Dr.-Ing. Sven Schimpf has been working as an interdisciplinary researcher and innovator at the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft since 2002.In addition to his business administration degree, he completed his doctorate in engineering during his work in CC R&D Management at Fraunhofer IAO.

He has been involved in numerous national and international research and consulting projects to help industrial companies from various industries improve their R&D strategies, processes and organization. His work focuses on strategic R&D and innovation management, in particular the observation, evaluation and integration of potentially disruptive developments.

Since 2017, Sven Schimpf has been Managing Director of the Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research. Since 2020, Sven Schimpf has been professor for innovation and interdisciplinarity research at the institute for Human Engineering & Empathic Design at Pforzheim University.

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