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Frank Liu

Frank Liu

Frank Liu

Director, Safety and Toxicology


Dr. Frank Liu has more than 12-year work experience and significant publication record in chemical risk assessment, genotoxicity, and general toxicology. After his master and Ph.D. education in environmental toxicology and two postdoctoral trainings in pharmaceutical sciences and human toxicology, Dr. Liu moved to product safety assessment area in the pharmaceutical and personal care product industries. While working in pharmaceutical industry, his major responsibilities include safety assessment of impurities such as extractables, leachables, intermediates, catalysts, particulate matters, and of genotoxic, elemental, and solvent impurities using classic and alternative approaches (e.g., read-across, in silico, QSAR and TTC) as well as environmental and occupational safety assessment.

4th Annual Extractables & Leachables
March 7, 2024
What is next in testing and analyzing for extractables and leachables in biopharmaceutical development and release? Recording of 2 days event sessions [18 video sessions].

DAY 1: MARCH 7th, 2024

SESSION: Sensitization safety assessment of extractables and leachables in pharmaceutical products

◆  Sensitization potential of extractables and leachables: a challenge.

◆  Sensitization safety assessment proposal for extractables and leachables.

◆  A hypothetical case study: the application of the proposal.

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