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Will Parker

Will Parker

Will Parker

E&L Technology Manager


Will Parker earned a B.S. in chemistry in 2004 from Penn State Erie where he will soon be serving on a School of Science alumni advisory board and will be earning a master’s degree in data analytics from Penn State in May 2024. Will has over 18 years of analytical chemistry professional experience with 13 of them in extractables and leachables labs as both a lab scientist and manager. He has spent the past nearly 8 years in lab management roles, mostly in E&L, with his current role as the E&L technology manager at West where he assists Services and Solutions in meeting industry expectations and our clients’ needs. Will has designed and executed hundreds of various E&L studies comprising the breadth of the field including studies of drug product packaging, manufacturing in-process contact materials, single-use systems, and medical devices.

4th Annual Extractables & Leachables
March 7, 2024
What is next in testing and analyzing for extractables and leachables in biopharmaceutical development and release? Recording of 2 days event sessions [18 video sessions].

DAY 2: MARCH 8th, 2024

SESSION: Elastomer closures materials (TBC)

◆  Composition of elastomers used for pharmaceutical applications.

◆  Material composition and extractables.

◆  How to minimize extractables/leachables from elastomeric closures.

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Speaker Details