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Rok Grahek

Rok Grahek

Head Analytical Research




Rok Grahek received his B. Sc in Chemistry and his Ph.D. in Science from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
In 1986 Rok was employed in Research and development in Lek Pharmaceuticals d.d.. Slovenia.
As a researcher he started with GC and after few years HPLC and MS became his main area of interest in connection with impurities in drugs. Trace analysis of impurities (Genotoxic Impurities, Synthetic Tracers, Nitrosamines) with LC-MS and GC-MS is an important area of Rok’s research.
For the past 25 years Rok is leading a group or researchers dealing mainly with impurity profiles, impurities isolation, identification, and trace analytics.
Rok is author or co-author of nearly 40 patents and scientific papers and more than 50 scientific conference contributions.


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