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William A. Hawkins

William A. Hawkins

William A. Hawkins

Managing Toxicologist


William A. Hawkins is a Managing Toxicologist for SafeBridge Regulatory and Life Sciences Group. He has spent over 21-years working in toxicology, with experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as a consumer safety toxicologist in the fast moving consumer goods industry and as a study director at a Contract Research Organization (CRO).  Additional experience in REACH, GHS and SDSs.  He has practiced as an Occupational Toxicologist within the pharmaceutical industry for the last 11-years, specializing in worker safety hazard assessments and patient safety, Quality cleaning validation hazard assessments.

October 1, 2024
Looking to build compliant cleaning validation program and ensure that your next product is not affected by contamination?

DAY 1: OCTOBER 1st, 2024

SESSION: Cleaning Validation in shared facilities

◆  Cross-contamination control and HBELs setting.

◆  Cleanability studies, cleaning validation and verification.

◆  Safety thresholds for biologics, cytotoxic and genotoxic compounds.

◆  Qualification of manufacturing equipment.

2nd HPAPI Handling & Manufacturing
September 29, 2022
Explore the latest insights in HPAPIs handling together with occupational toxicologists and containment experts. Recording of 2 days event sessions [15 video sessions].

DAY 1: SEPTEMBER 29th, 2022

SESSION: Occupational Exposure Bands (OEBS)

◆  What is an OEB.

◆  A brief history of OEBs.

◆  The use of occupational banding systems.

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Speaker Details