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R&D Smart Management Summit 2021

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The sudden global pandemic has highlighted commercial, technical and social challenges. By breaking old rules, crises bring threats, but they can also create opportunities. Inevitably, due to the crisis companies have witnessed the disruption of their R&D life cycle. In order to remain competitive, R&D teams are seeking new ways of innovating.

Key players from across the R&D landscape will have a two-day discussion to address the current status of R&D management and future expectations. They will pursue questions on effective strategies for project and portfolio management in R&D during Covid-19, enabling digital platforms and ecosystems, maintaining process excellence and performance levels in R&D, nurturing an innovation culture within the R&D department and new tools for measuring success.

By assessing the present threats and prospects in R&D management, attendees will see what is on the horizon. Join us for a series of compelling case studies, engaging group discussions, and use networking opportunities to learn the latest on R&D management excellence. We look forward to meeting you online!


  • Key trends and challenges for the future of R&D and innovation management. From COVID-19 to increased awareness of sustainability aspects.
  • New innovation opportunities in the bakery ingredient industry as a result of a pandemic.
  • Collaborative ecosystems: insights on working practices & cases.
  • RD+, BTSDI’s two sides market space for research and experimentation.
  • Digitalization the drive for business model change.
  • Building innovation systems and frameworks for emerging tech anddigital transformation.
  • Getting your company innovative: from inception to deployment.
  • Facilitating innovation & digitalization: scaling internal innovation capabilities.
  • Effective management of the R&D project portfolioe.
  • Optimizing a heterogeneous R&D portfolio in complex organizations.
  • Integrated strategic approach to R&D planning.
  • R&D planning for next generation product.
  • Is digitalization an untapped source to accelerate sustainability?
  • Early idea de-risking and acceleration.
  • PepsiCo R&D – start-up network and partnerships.


CxO, VP, Directors, Heads, Managers of

  • R&D/ R&D Smart Management/ R&D Strategy/ R&D Planning
  • R&D Controlling/ R&D Investment
  • R&D Technology Innovation/ Technology Scouting/ Technology Transfer
  • Innovation Management/ Innovation Excellence/ Innovation Sourcing
  • Open Innovation/ Innovation Lab/ Strategic Innovation
  • Product Development/ Product Innovation/ Product Strategy
  • Design Thinking/ Master Black Belt/ Lean Six Sigma/ Agile

[Agenda] R&D Smart Management Summit 2021

Download the full summit program to find speaker biographies, case studies, key takeaways, the day's schedule, and details of each session.

Speaking Companies

● Abcam Plc ● Aesculap AG ● Airbus Defence and Space ● Alfasigma S.p.A. ● AO Severstal Management ● ArcelorMittal ● ARLANXEO Deutschland GmbH ● BearingPoint ● Bic Violex ● Biokit Research & Development SL ● BOSS Paints ● BRUSH CZ ● BTS Design Innovation ● BTS Design Innovation srl ● Buchi Labortechnik AG ● CANPACK SA ● Cosentino SAU ● Crocs ● Croda Nederland B.V. ● Danfoss ● Dawn Foods ● DTEK Grids ● Dutu Alexandru ● Décathlon ● EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht ● Element Materials Technology ● Elkem Silicones ● Evonik Industries ● F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd ● Fater SPA ● FRAUNHOFER ● Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research ● GELLIFY ● Golf Dondurma ● Groz-Beckert KG ● Infineum ● Infinitec Activos ● Johnson & Johnson ● Jungbunzlauer Ladenburg GmbH ● Kaneka Eurogentec ● KARL STORZ SE & Co. KG ● Koppert Biological Systems ● laboratorios Uriach ● LACROIX Group ● Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape (ZALF) ● LEM International ● Loughborough University / SAL ● MBDA France ● MCST ● MP&I Consulting ● MPS AG ● MTS Group ● Oriflame ● PepsiCo ● Prayon S.A ● RENOLIT SE ● Saop d.o.o. ● Schaeffler Japan Co., Ltd. ● Shtern Consulting OÜ ● Siemens Advanta ● SIRV Consulting Ltd. ● Syntegon ● Unilin ● Wella Company

Speaker Board
Silky Vaidya
Director R&D (Engineering, Product)
SIRV Consulting Ltd.
Marco Rosetti
Managing Director
BTS Design Innovation
Alain Bindels
Head of Innovation Facilitation & Digitalization
F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
Stefano Ferniani
Global Innovation Senior Director
Luis Allo
Global Director -External Technology Innovation / R&D
Johnson & Johnson
Kris Kupilas
Digital Transformation Lead
Reza Ghahary
Head of Industry Cross Innovation
Evonik Industries
Tobias Gutmann
Assistant Professor
EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht
Markus Forthaus
Vice President and Partner
Siemens Advanta
Mariano Martinez Paredes
Head of Technology Domain Managers
Airbus Defence and Space
Johan Sanders
Chief Product Officer
Dawn Foods
Stephane Gervais
Executive VP Strategic Innovation & Smart Data
Austin Kozman
R&D Sr. Director External Innovation
Miha Bobic
Vice president, Business development and product portfolio District energy
Sven Schimpf
Managing Director / Professor for Innovation and Interdisziplinarity Research
Fraunhofer / HEED, HS-Pforzheim
Lucia Chierchia
Managing Partner

Summit Agenda

◆  Update on most recent trends and challenges in R&D and Innovation Management

  Impact of Covid-19 on R&D and Innovation Management

  Insights into the integration of sustainability aspects in R&D and Innovation Management

Fraunhofer IR, DE

◆  Trends / innovation platform pre pandemic

 Key packaging changes customer requirements in a crises

 Key learnings relevant beyond the bakery industry

Dawn Foods, NL

  Open Innovation landscape & collaborative innovation routes

  Sustainibility and SDG as co-innovation driver

  Cross-industry ecosystems & cooperation patterns

Evonik Industries, DE

  RD+ is the BTSDI two sides market space for research and experimentation, where you can share, explore and access cutting edge contents - a showcase for the future.

  We aim to help our C+ creating or improving products combining materials and technologies (and their combinations) of qualified suppliers.

  Find new materials/new technologies in an easy and accessible way.

  Rolling contents.

  Organization of personalized workshops between Corporate, Supplier and Start Ups.

  Only qualified C+ and S+ (already part of our network).

  Customized research.

BTS Design Innovation, IT

  How slow moving industy can be challanged by digitalization.

  Digitalization a driver for vertical portfolio integration.

  Implications on business model.

Danfoss, SL

  R&D Innovation Frameworks (Agile/Lean, Design Thinking etc.)

  Product Governance Framework for Digital Transformation.

  Emerging Tech Product Enablement Stories.

  Current trends in Metrics for Innovation Leaders.

SIRV Consulting Ltd., UK

  Based on a concrete case that shows how a mid-cap company has been transformed through innovation.

  Poll about the key elements for an effective Innovation.

  What are the 7 steps that should help to catalyze innovation within an existing organisation.

  Examples about how these steps have been implemented.


Digital transformation is key for most companies and industries. How to unlock digital and innovation capabilities in your organization? Building up internal capabilities and partnering with the external ecosystem to be successful in your transformation journey. 

The focus will be on:

  How to implement innovation programs in a corporate.

  Scaling entrepreneurship & digital skills.

  How to support your digital transformation.

F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, CH

  Best practices of R&D portfolio management.

  Case studies from SIEMENS AG.

  Rich insights on how a complex, multinational company succesfully manages its R&D portfolio.

EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht, DE | Siemens Advanta, DE

◆  Tech strategy and roadmapping.

◆  Emerging techs and governance framework.

◆  Collaborative models and open innovation.


◆  Incremental vs new product development.

◆  Understanding technology platforms to initiate new products in future.

◆  R&D-customer collaboration: integrating customer into new product development.

Crocs, IT

◆  Over last years both Digitalization and Sustainability strategies have been on top of companies agenda.

◆  Similar patterns have been observed on the policy side – governments are setting their national strategies on both Digitalization and De carbonization.

◆  Is there a scope for closer collaboration and what benefits such collaboration bring?

ArcelorMittal, UK

◆  Lessons learned on idea de-risking in R&D.

◆  Building a crossfunctional approach for de-risking and acceleration.

Johnson & Johnson, CH

◆  PepsiCo External Innovation Team & Mission.

◆  Curating Ecosystem of Partners.

◆  Emerging Trends.

PepsiCo, USA

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